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Creating a working interface between brain and mind

C-Level Enhancement

Self-regulation plays a vital role in enhancing human performance. The "Neuro Enhancement" training program using the BM-BCI® Brain Mapping - Brain Computer Interface technology is a scientifically proven, highly efficient, non-invasive approach for efficiently and risk-free conditioning the human brain oscillation.

High Performance Sport

Peak performance has become a buzzword these days, as anyone from high end athletes to CEO’s can tell you. We modify our intake of food, substances or supplements, and implement other practices that we hope will lead to an increase in our work productivity, or possibly trim a few swings off our golf game.

Stress Management

The mind takes us so fast and so far, we enter our own universes and play out our own dramas time and time again throughout the day. We lose sense of time and place; we lose awareness of what is happening around us.

The team

Our Research Team its composed of highly appraised experts and doctors in Neuro Performance Enhancement, Neurology, Non-Liniar Mathematics, Advanced Statistics, Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychoterapy and Software Development.

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We believe that science has the power to set us free from our mind prisons. We can truly be free to safely explore, enjoy and find meaning in everything that we do. We can let go of all our limitations  and become what we were meant to be!