Revolutionar Therapy BM-BCI for Autism Secrets Revealed

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?


Before introducing the therapy BM-BCI for Autism Spectrum Disorder, let’s write an introduction of what this illness is. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition that is becoming more and more common especially in children, from an early age. People with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have deficits especially in social and communication skills, often lacking empathy or interest in things and people around them. Usually, children with autism have difficulties even in interactions and relationships with their own family.

Viewed from an anatomical perspective, autism is a cognitive and neurobiological disorder, which is based on the malfunction of integrative circuits and, therefore, a deficit in the integration of information at the neural and cognitive levels.

Non-invasive therapy BM-BCI for Autism Spectrum Disorder

To eliminate this shortage, non-invasive therapy BM-BCI are often used in centers specialized in autism, where there is a computer system that evaluates the activity of a patient’s brain waves. The therapy BM-BCI (Brain Mapping-Brain Computer Interface), used as a treatment for children that suffer from autism or other attention disorders. It is also a treatment for ADHD.

Cognitive assessment. BM-BCI therapy for autism

BM-BCI is an innovative therapeutic solution, used to optimize brain activity in a variety of clinical disorders, including autism and ADHD. This system is an approach that aims for effective interaction between the brain, body, and behavior.


Applied to patients with autism or ADHD, the BM-BCI system has shown improvements in sustained attention, sensory and cognitive awareness, as well as a higher level of communication through self-tuning of brain rhythms. Most studies examining BM-BCI effects in children and autistic adolescents compared pre-and post-treatment brain maps and found that EEG activity has changed significantly since therapy was performed.

Neural training. Revolutionary autism treatment


In the case of BM-BCI autism therapy, science meets the latest technology to provide personalized training programs. Through this system, the activity of the brain is measured without being influenced in any way, and the process is passive and completely painless.

After complex analysis using software, the dysfunction within the neuronal networks responsible for the symptoms experienced by the patient can be identified.

These workouts are computer-assisted. Using sensors placed on the head, the electrical activity of the brain is measured, and the information thus collected is processed through a program. Each parameter mirrors the variations of the measured electrical signal.

During the procedure, the patient must maintain eye contact with the monitor for a short time. The collected data are interpreted through the software, thus performing the Brain Mapping. This would be the “map” of how the brain works at that time.

Following the collection and interpretation of data, the therapeutic protocol is developed in the form of a computer game. The patient plays this game without using any auxiliary device such as a mouse, keyboard, or another direct control method. Instead, he uses only the power of his mind and thus changes his brain waves to control the game.


The results

Gradually, through repetition, he manages to create new appropriate neural networks, which have the power to eliminate the symptoms felt. Because the brain works based on rewards, it learns that this change in brain wave patterns entails the desired reward.

On average, it takes about 10 sessions to get lasting results.