How exactly does the Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® training program upgrades the professionals athletes's performance?

1. Attention and focus


When researchers talk about “action controllers,” “automatization” or even “muscle memory,” they are really referring to representations of an action or sequence of actions that get formed, reorganized and consolidated in our long-term memory.”

“All movements are derived from a myriad of smaller motions that get strung together, like beads in a necklace. It is believed that the more we reproduce a movement, the stronger those selected neural activations become, the better defined the brain’s representation of what the completed movement should look like. ”

The BM-BCI ® protocols have the power to create strong neuronal circuits that create the perfect context for performance enhancement.


2. Improves emotional control


The sporting events have the powert to bring out the best or the worst in athletes. It is true that the psychological demands are very high when individuals or teams are striving to achieve the same goals. In the context that physical skills are evenly matched, as it is the case in most competitions, the athelete with the stronger mental approach wins. The winner in this case has developed the abillity to control, with great accuracy, his or her mind before and during events. There is a strong embeded misconception among both trainers and atheletes that mental aspects of performance are innate and unchangeable. This is both old news and Fake News because, in reality, mental training can have a similar impact on performance as physical workouts. Getting into the correct mind-set prior to competition is one of the most crucial aspects of top performance.

Here is where the BM-BCI ® protocols can make the real difference, giving the power to control the mind through the brain, with outstanding, measurable results.

The concept we have to bear in mind is the Total Stress Load. For the professional athlete the formula is: Lifestyle Stress + Emotional Stress + Training Stress + Competition Stress = Total Stress Load. Using the BM-BCI ® personalized protocols we cand adress and manage efficiently all the components of the Total Stress Load with the following results:

  • Quiet the Voice Within
  • The same level of mental focus when entering critical game moments
  • Real competitive advantages through augmented skills
  • Better, faster, stronger play
  • Highly attuned accuracy
  • Deep relaxation with amazing results for improving psychological and muscle healing
  • Ability to focus through intense stress episodes
  • Learning new play methods faster
  • Reducing personal discipline problems
  • Longer times in “Flow”

3. Prevents harmful fatigue and injuries

bm-bci-Prevents harmful fatigue and injuries

Fatigue has been defined in numerous ways. One of the definitions is:a state that enables the performance of a given task due to the inability of our body to recruit its muscles and move the different segments in an efficient way. It is a sensation with a detrimental impact at a physiological, functional and perceptual level, which can last several days after intense sports events. One of levels at which fatigue occur after a significant physical stimulus is the peripheral one in which the skeletal muscles will be under the influence of local inflammatory phenomenon and a short term muscle damage. The other form includes a central level fatigue related to the decreased ability of the Central Nervous System to activate the neural pathway for the muscle contraction to occur.

Using BM-BCI Deep Relaxation Protocol we can accelerate the rate of recovery with amazing results.

bm-bci-Prevents harmful fatigue and injuries

4. Improves sleep


A manager’s sleep directly influences how it performs any task during the day, whether it be intellectual or physical performance. Managers need recuperative, restorative sleep to maintain brain health. Sleep also assists in the healing process, helping to keep the manager in the best physical and mental health possible. The Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® training has been proven to improve the quality and depth of sleep, which directly benefits a manager’s performance.

Professionals athletes who achieve peak performance often have one thing in common: they have the ability to focus entirely on the objectives they want to achieve.

The Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® training program for High Performance Sport

Peak performance has become a buzzword these days, as anyone from high end athletes to CEO’s can tell you. We modify our intake of food, substances or supplements, and implement other practices that we hope will lead to an increase in our work productivity, or possibly trim a few swings off our golf game.

Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® brain training is a method for achieving peak performance- changes in the brain translate to changes in physical performance. It starts with an EEG brain map to assess areas of your brain that need “tuning”. After Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® sessions begin, your objective progress is measured by subsequent EEGs. Subjective changes are noted in terms of work or athletic productivity, psychological and perceptive changes, even fine motor control or balance.

Sports performance is proving to be a major application of the Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI®. In one study, entitled “Brain-training for physical performance: a study of EEG-Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® and alpha relaxation training in athletes“, a group trained with Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® “exhibited greater reduction of reaction times in a test of visual attention than the control group and showed improvement in several performance measures”. Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® can enhance of concentration and attention, reduce anxiety, improve control over negative emotions, and to improve physical balance.

In one published case study, an Olympic athlete who has lost his performance confidence after an injury underwent 4 sessions of neurotherapy. Dramatic and statistically significant changes were observed in the patient.

In the area of the performing arts, professionally significant enhancement of music and dance performance and mood has followed training with an EEG-Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® protocol.

A “strong learning effect” was observed in regards to cognitive enhancement in a recent double- blind study on Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI®.

Neuro Enhancement BM-BCI® has great potential for performance enhancement in many areas, including sports and cognitive performance. To get started enhancing your performance in life, come in and get a brain map, so we can develop a personalized treatment plan custom tailored to meet your performance goals.